Monday, January 11, 2016

Vegas Vacation

Just last week my husband took a trip to Vegas with some friends. Sounds cool. They love going on a trip to Sin City...if it is still called that..? I jokingly asked if he was going to take the box with him because it had never been to Vegas before. I was quickly So I made a snarky comment and I thought that was the end of the topic.

Seems like Dave glimpsed the box he had taken to work and decided why not! So off the box goes.

Box popped up bright and early since they had pulled an all nighter just to get there.

Off for a riveting day at CES convention!

Apparently got lost on the way there!

Fought off an attack of the birds!

All in all seemed to have a great time without me.  I just want to point out that when the regular box goes it is "dressed" most of the time and trying to look professional. Apparently the party box was not  concerned with anything but having a good time! Whether the boxes pose with a Cronut or a beer you can bet they are having fun!

Till next time Vegas!

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