Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Porch time

I always have to make my yearly statement that my porch is my favorite room of the house, so here it is! The porch buddy I have this year really takes me back a few years. Eloise certainly looks different from Oscar, but there is enough similarity there to make my look twice. luckily she finds the porch just as relaxing as the Spaniels and I do.

Summer markets are under way and being in Georgia it is really hot.  I can't take all of my flavors to the market due to the heat but our peanut butter flavors always make the trip. 

Blanche's Banana Bites

PB&H Bites

Gotta love love treats made for you beastie!!

And Eloise is all about trying them out.

Maybe she should invite some friends over for a porch party!

I think the world could use a little porch time right now.