Thursday, October 29, 2015

Never long enough

Late last night we arrived back from our week in Southern California....need I say that I am a little grumpy this morning and it is not because I only got a couple of hours sleep before work! Cali was as fabulous as ever and there is never enough time to do everything. But with each visit I get to see a little bit more and I always make sure to have a list of things I would like to do the next time..because there will always be a next time!

The Box had an okay trip! Really starting to show his age but nothing a few staples won't fix! I hope to have some photos up soon, gotta keep up with the travel album! 

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Tricks or Treats!

I am hoping that my treats don't fall under the trick category! I love Halloween and all things creepy and ghouly. My bestie and I try to go to haunted houses every year and the one we may make it to this year seems to good to be true.  I love it when the word "waiver" is mentioned on the website! Waiver means shrieking and squealing fun. 

Baking for the dogs that want to join in on the holiday festivities is also fun. It keeps me from eating all of the snacks around the house.  I mean I do eat my treats at times but let's face it...a cookie needs some good old sugar and butter to pass the people test!

I have shown a photo of our Pudgie Bats and here is a photo of Blanche being asked to help out around the kitchen! 

I think she prefers to just watch!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Best Girl

Yesterday was National Black Dog Day.  A day that needs to be celebrated by all.  I guess about 23 or so years ago I found this tiny little puppy outside of my friend's house in an actual dried up mud puddle. He had this Mama Dog in his neighborhood that was constantly having puppies.  Nobody could get close enough to her to take her to be spayed so puppies abounded.

I was told that some more puppies were around and I did the thing you are not supposed to do.......pick one up and give it a hug!!!!!! Don't do it!!!! Save yourself!!!! Because if you do your life will surely change.  Some will actually say it changes for the worse.  Maybe worse for your wallet but not your heart.  I took the little black runt home.  I honestly didn't think she would live very long.  I just wanted to make her comfortable.  Well......for 16 years I devoted my life to making Myrtle comfortable! The first couple of years were kinda rough.  We pumped her stomach (sudafed), replaced baseboards in our rental apartment and threw out 2 sofas that she literally ate.  She took her time with the peeing outside concept. Oh  she knew better and as all dog owners know..she just didn't seem to care!

Then one day it all stopped.  I noticed that she always went outside, she never tried a drug overdose again and all of our furniture remained intact.  Wow! By that time we had our little Basset Hound Mabel so Myrtle had become the big sister and was showing Mabel the ropes.

As time moved on a couple of more family members joined our pack and she managed to keep all of them in line.  When Oscar came along she was getting on up there in age but he kept the old girl young.  They wrestled constantly and she always won. I honestly think Oscar was a little afraid not to let her win!

When the inevitable time came to say goodbye it was as horrible as expected but I have found that most times like that always are.  All pet owners compare the pets that they have.  Usually there is one pet that all pets that come after are compared to. Myrtle is my pet. I of course love all of my little demons unconditionally but I can honestly say that I always do a quick comparison in my mind to Myrtle.  So far none have quite reached her level.....and I am quite sure none ever will.

Love you Moo!