Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!!!!!

It's already that time of year! The one day that Dave has to work around the clock to make sure everyone has their fill of green beer so they can throw it up later today in the Waffle House bathroom...or I hope they make it to the bathroom. For me....the green I want to consume would be mint chocolate chip ice cream and festive donuts. 

And as always...Krispy Kreme never lets me down!! I hope everyone has a very merry St. Patrick's Day

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

London Days

For January the weather was not half bad. Of course after the holiday markets I had been working this past December I was ready for the cold.

We decided to experience a little culture. The National Gallery has long been one of my favorite destinations to take in the sights of some of the greatest works of art or refrigerator magnets as I fondly refer to them. Once you see one of these paintings on a calendar or refrigerator you know you are looking at greatness!!

After all of these years, we had never walked across Abbey Road. The neighborhood drivers have a a ton of patience because there is always someone "crossing" the street and holding up traffic. I imagine in the summer months it is a nightmare for them. But we certainly joined in the fun.

Next step of the cream! Been making some batches in my ice cream maker. We went to Chin Chin Labs in Camden Lock for some yummy ice cream made with liquid nitrogen. Tasted like heaven!!

Spent a day in Brighton with our good friends and their urchins...they took us by this incredible wall of dogs!!

True friends!!!

Brighton Beach Boardwalk did not disappoint!!

Magnificent view from a bar in the Shard...just suck it up and pay the price for the cocktails. You even get some fancy cheetos with them. The view is worth it.

Oh yes!!! Could not pass this little Gelato shop by!

Happy Chinese New Year!!

Two words. Sad Face. But as always London...I will see you again soon.