Tuesday, November 12, 2013

NYC/Cronut tour 2013

It was the time of year for the birthday/anniversary/oscar box adventure.  We went to NYC. Dave and I met there a billion years ago, worked together, moved together, went back and got married there and still visit because we love it so much!  Except the weather...not into the cold...

We chose to hit some high spots..Book of Mormon for 27 bucks!  Hot Fudge Sundae at Serendipity III, pizza, chinese, and the famous Cronut.  Sounds like the food tour of NYC and I guess for us it was.

Hanging at our old front door on Columbus Avenue!!!

View from the spot on the rocks where we got married in Central Park.

Forbidden Broadway Sundae!!!!!

I present to you..the Cronut!  We waited in line for an hour and a half and I ate my two in 25 minutes...(no kidding).  As yummy as they are..and they are, I am still an ice cream and cake girl!

Times Square, brighter than ever! Can't wait for next time!

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