Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Standing on that corner....

I haven't posted in a while but the box has been busy. Last year we went to visit my Bestie not once but twice in San Francisco because it took that long to finally get tickets to Alcatraz! Took the night tour and I highly recommend it!

But now V is loading up her truck and trailer and is coming back to Ga for a few months. So of course that meant a road trip was in the works and I certainly can't turn one down! So I flew to San Diego and we took in some sights. We loaded the trailer, cleaned her apartment, put the cats in the cat tube in the backseat and hit the road!

Before we left San Diego we ate at some yummy restaurants, spent the day at the San Diego Zoo and made an unfortunate wrong turn that landed us across the border in Mexico. The unfortunate part of that adventure was that it took us 3 joking.. to drive the 2 1/2 miles to get back across the border. Apparently being Mother's Day made the traffic even worse than normal or so the nice guy at the border told us. Luckily we had some entertainment because there are all kinds of street vendors that walk up and down between the cars with food and drinks and gifts for sale. I even had time to hop out and find a bathroom! 

We had no plan, just west coast to east coast within 5 days or so. On the way out of CA we stopped by  Borrego Springs to check out the incredible steel statues that are on the side of the road. There are about 130 of them but we only had time to see a few.

After that we headed to the Grand Canyon. The view never gets old!

We had the best coconut and fried bananas at The Little Thai Kitchen in Flagstaff, AZ

On the drive out of AZ, we noticed we were driving by Winslow and knew we had to look for a corner! 

On to New Mexico to Petroglyph National Park!

We stopped by Albuquerque for a Frito Pie and then stopped by Santa Rosa to check out the Blue Hole!

On our way to Amarillo, TX we got to see the Cadillac Ranch. it was almost dark when we zoomed by but it was still fabulous!

Wichita Falls, TX is home to the World's Littlest Skyscraper! Pretty cool little town too!

On to Dallas and that means Southfork Ranch...just gotta do it!

After Dallas, why not take a twirl down to New Orleans!

We had our last meal on the road at Dreamland BBQ in Montgomery, AL. BBQ was fabulous but you also gotta try the banana pudding!

I am so lucky I have a Bestie that likes to go everywhere and do everything like I do! We definitely travel on a budget but after all the times I have done so I wouldn't have it any other way!