Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Happy Howloween!!!!

I just love Halloween! I may not always get to wear a costume and even give out candy but I still try to decorate just a bit. We are always searching for cookie cutters and this happens to be one of my faves! We love it when canine trick or treaters come by with their humans and feel like they should get a treat too! 

On another note I have made the leap into the web design world. it was truly a horrifying experience for someone with not one web design skill like me. But my bestie web master suggested I change up the format so it will be easier for my to update so I did. What would have taken a 10 year old about 2 hours to complete took me...well we won't talk about that. But it is up and I have to say I kinda like it! So check it out and check out our yummy treats! Your canine will thank you and I will too!

Friday, August 10, 2018

Black Dog Ice Cream

I am always screaming for ice cream. I do believe it is my favorite snack (food group), next to popcorn.  I love that I can have such a yummy creamy cup of delight and by adding all sorts of other ingredients it becomes a double feature.  I have so many favorite brands and flavors of ice cream that I love. One day I was starting to make our Frosty Bites (doggy ice cream) I decided to whip of a batch of an ice cream that I might enjoy. I splurged and bought an ice cream maker and haven't stopped churning since. 

I felt the need to give my little company a different name so my customers wouldn't get the ice cream confused with dog friendly ice cream. So of course I decided to pay homage to my beloved Myrtle who just happened to be a black dog! I am still a small enterprise, kind of under the radar so to speak. I make small batches of ice cream to order and will deliver them to you if you are in the Athens, Ga area. I have even dropped off a few pints to customers in ATL. 

As always creating items be it dog treats or ice cream is an ongoing process. There have been some not so great experiments...I mean I still ate it of course! We rate the flavors I make as either Edible or Sellable, so far they have at least been edible, apart from one questionable batch of caramel ice cream...I hated it but the customer loved it..go figure!

I take custom orders because it makes me practice making different flavors. I could eat Oreo's and Cream all day long and even though it is one of our most popular, making a key lime pie flavor was a challenge I loved. Turned out pretty yummy!

If you are ever in the market for an ice cream maker the 
Whynter ICM-200LS Stainless Steel Ice Cream Maker, 2.1-Quart ice cream maker is fabulous! Easy to use and clean and you can make consecutive batches. Love it!

So if you ever happen across an Oscar Bites table at an event there just might be some Black Dog Ice Cream in the cooler and we hope you try some!

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Standing on that corner....

I haven't posted in a while but the box has been busy. Last year we went to visit my Bestie not once but twice in San Francisco because it took that long to finally get tickets to Alcatraz! Took the night tour and I highly recommend it!

But now V is loading up her truck and trailer and is coming back to Ga for a few months. So of course that meant a road trip was in the works and I certainly can't turn one down! So I flew to San Diego and we took in some sights. We loaded the trailer, cleaned her apartment, put the cats in the cat tube in the backseat and hit the road!

Before we left San Diego we ate at some yummy restaurants, spent the day at the San Diego Zoo and made an unfortunate wrong turn that landed us across the border in Mexico. The unfortunate part of that adventure was that it took us 3 hours...no joking.. to drive the 2 1/2 miles to get back across the border. Apparently being Mother's Day made the traffic even worse than normal or so the nice guy at the border told us. Luckily we had some entertainment because there are all kinds of street vendors that walk up and down between the cars with food and drinks and gifts for sale. I even had time to hop out and find a bathroom! 

We had no plan, just west coast to east coast within 5 days or so. On the way out of CA we stopped by  Borrego Springs to check out the incredible steel statues that are on the side of the road. There are about 130 of them but we only had time to see a few.

After that we headed to the Grand Canyon. The view never gets old!

We had the best coconut and fried bananas at The Little Thai Kitchen in Flagstaff, AZ

On the drive out of AZ, we noticed we were driving by Winslow and knew we had to look for a corner! 

On to New Mexico to Petroglyph National Park!

We stopped by Albuquerque for a Frito Pie and then stopped by Santa Rosa to check out the Blue Hole!

On our way to Amarillo, TX we got to see the Cadillac Ranch. it was almost dark when we zoomed by but it was still fabulous!

Wichita Falls, TX is home to the World's Littlest Skyscraper! Pretty cool little town too!

On to Dallas and that means Southfork Ranch...just gotta do it!

After Dallas, why not take a twirl down to New Orleans!

We had our last meal on the road at Dreamland BBQ in Montgomery, AL. BBQ was fabulous but you also gotta try the banana pudding!

I am so lucky I have a Bestie that likes to go everywhere and do everything like I do! We definitely travel on a budget but after all the times I have done so I wouldn't have it any other way! 

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Enchanting Travels

New Mexico will forever by one of my favorite places. The absolute beauty is incredible. I could just sit around and stare at the landscape and the sky all day long. And for someone used to being in the South, the lack of humidity is delightful!!

Dropped off in Santa Fe at my normal spot!

One of my favorite places to eat in Santa Fe is Tomasita's on Guadalupe Street. Blue corn enchilada's with Christmas sauce!!

I always look forward to my daily walk with Atticus!

We decided to check out Meow Wolf. It is described as an Immersive Art Installation. Kinda like a big, loud, bright funhouse! Interesting to say the least.

Just couldn't resist these poppies!!!

We are determined to one day find the Fenn treasure..rumored to be somewhere out that way! Looks like as good a place to look as any!

Climbing up was surprising easier than going back down. But thanks to my good old Converse I made it without a scratch.

We spent a lot of time in the outdoors this trip. Cruising up the highway to Colorado was stunning.

Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado. 

We walked for what seemed forever, when in reality probably only about 30 minutes. The sand was too warm for Atticus so he went back down to splash in the stream. The box did not have such a great time. The wind almost took care of his future travel adventures!

My Converse didn't let me down. Just sitting there for about 10 minutes and already getting buried in the sand!

I love that you can see all of this sand and the mountains in the background.

The Sand Dunes are incredible!

When in Colorado you must check out the retail outlets.

Made a quick pit stop to check out the Jack Dempsey "Manassas Mauler" statue. This is what I love about road trips, all the little things that pop up along the way.

Love this twisty tree!

Closed out my trip with another visit to Whoo's Donuts in Santa Fe. I usually don't get fruit based donuts but this white chocolate peach filled donut was incredible!!

Until next time New Mexico!! Peace out!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Tiny Plates!!!

I am so lucky that one of my closet friends is a very talented and accomplished potter. Betsy Williams owns Enbi Studio and because of her I think that our treats have some of the best sample displays on the market circuit!!! It doesn't hurt that she is my New Mexico connection and because of her I get to be completely enchanted once a year! If you are ever in the need for the most perfect handcrafted gift.. or hopefully to just treat yourself to a wonderful and useful piece of pottery...look her up at www.enbistudio.com.
Fingers crossed I'll be taking the box on another trip to visit the Land of Enchantment next week. Tiny plate headquarters here we come!!!

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    Monday, May 8, 2017

    4th times a charm.

    Okay, we didn't make it to St. Augustine or Memphis or LA......big sad face. But my Bestie's next nursing assignment is in the spectacular city of San Francisco!!!! Score!!! So we are going to cross our fingers and casually plan a visit. I so love that city. I especially like how the sun can be shining and yet on top of the Golden Gate Bridge you are only staring at grey swirls of mist! Now I am not going to think about it too much. As I always say..don't take the tea urn back!! But hopefully the box will continue it's travels soon. 

    Thursday, May 4, 2017


    As always everything has to come to an end and we have reached that time once again. We lost Max this past April. He was almost 15 years old. We have been the caretakers/owners of the spaniels for almost 5 years now. I am sure that some people can remember how I bitched and moaned about having to take these little beasties into our home. Here we were, stuck with two extra dogs. Dogs of such a breed we had never lived with before..mainly dogs with fur that needed to be maintained, among other annoyances. They came and then went away for a couple of months and then they came back again for good. They have been around for Oscar, Blanche and Eloise. They were a bonded pair and we have been dreading the day that one of them would leave the other one. 

    I have owned only two male dogs in my life. For some reason I always seem to have the ladies. My two boys were so incredibly sweet and easy going. Max was without a doubt the sweetest dog I have ever owned. He was positively delighted to see you walk in the door. I have heard Cocker Spaniels described as a "merry breed" and I thought that sounded silly, but after Max I realize that description suited him perfectly. He was always upbeat, always aiming to please. His favorite thing to do was sit beside you and watch TV with his paw thrown over your leg. When he was younger he was extremely playful and maybe I do feel a little bad about throwing away that squeaky newspaper toy he had but I just couldn't take it anymore! 

    We had a running dialogue everyday I had him. I constantly argued with him and tripped over him and his toys. I gave Dave such grief over bringing those spaniels home but everyone knew I adored them. 

    It was a very hard decision to make because he was still up and about. He couldn't see or really hear and he had dementia. But if you put your hand on him that stumpy tail would start to wag and he would crawl up in your lap. We decided that we certainly wouldn't want to spend our days in his condition that just maybe he didn't want to either. And as I always told people, I would be wailing when we had to take him to the vet and I certainly was. I truly loved him and will think of him absolutely everyday. 

    Mia definitely knows he is gone. She is not as outgoing as Max was so she tends to keep to herself on a regular basis. But she looks around and stands at the gate looking into the driveway. I guess it is kind of a good thing that Eloise is always annoying her because it gives her something to take her mind off of Max..and yes, I do believe that she misses him. 

    I am lucky to have lived with Max. I always try to learn from animals and he taught me to try and chill and just enjoy the day. I am happy to say that for at lest  5 years of his life he got to do just that.

    I love you Max.