Thursday, September 24, 2015

FALL 2015

Yesterday was the first official day of Fall.  Hmmm...I like Fall okay. I of course prefer the heat but my flowers don' dogs don't and my husband absolutely does not!  I still wear short sleeves and shorts so I will be okay for awhile.

But!  Fall for me means a trip.  Our annual birthday/anniversary trip! Back to LA! On to San Diego! A glorious time in the rental car, word is it's a Dodge or comparable. Wonder if a mini cooper falls into that category. No real plans. That's the way we like to roll in cases like this.  Gotta hit a couple of pet stores of course but that is easy enough.

 So I am looking back through some old photos of the last trip along the PCH and getting excited.  And of course the Box will be joining.  Box hit a little snag on the last trip to NM and we thought that might be the last trip for it but after a spa moment I think we are back in business!  Here's hoping anyway!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Beach Days 2015!!!

It's a good day when this is the view of my backyard..even if it only for a week.  Spent some time at the beach near St. Augustine FLA last week and loved every minute of it!

Love those dark clouds!

Incredible sunset!

We wanted to fill jugs with this stuff!

Nobody is forgotten on a hot day!

The I can't believe I got up early enough to take this photo.

The real reason I got up early...watching over sea turtles waiting for them to hatch!!

See ya St. Augustine!!! Can't wait till next time!