Thursday, September 24, 2015

FALL 2015

Yesterday was the first official day of Fall.  Hmmm...I like Fall okay. I of course prefer the heat but my flowers don' dogs don't and my husband absolutely does not!  I still wear short sleeves and shorts so I will be okay for awhile.

But!  Fall for me means a trip.  Our annual birthday/anniversary trip! Back to LA! On to San Diego! A glorious time in the rental car, word is it's a Dodge or comparable. Wonder if a mini cooper falls into that category. No real plans. That's the way we like to roll in cases like this.  Gotta hit a couple of pet stores of course but that is easy enough.

 So I am looking back through some old photos of the last trip along the PCH and getting excited.  And of course the Box will be joining.  Box hit a little snag on the last trip to NM and we thought that might be the last trip for it but after a spa moment I think we are back in business!  Here's hoping anyway!!!

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