Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Flying by

Miss Eloise not having fun but the trip to the vet was needed and at least after a lengthy dose of medication she seems to be feeling a bit better. She is a trooper. Even feeling a little yuky she has been a busy bee the past month.

She made a few new friends at a University of Georgia Football Game and even got to be on television!

Thanks to the people at SEC Live she got to represent her favorite cause...Georgia English Bulldog Rescue!

She got to hang out with the cool people at the Athens, GA Subaru Dealership on their fundraiser day for a local animal rescue.

She went to a Halloween Parade with her bestie Skippa..they decided to go as...Adorables!

She refused to wear her hat for more than the second it took to snap this photo.

She avoided raking leaves. Her reasoning is they are just going to keep falling so why bother!

She decided to take a break with her favorite sleeping buddy. I think she knows the holidays are upon us so she better get baking!!