Wednesday, April 20, 2016


I haven't written in a while because I knew I should broach the subject of Blanche and for obvious reasons I have been avoiding it. Last month my adorable little beastie took a turn for the worse and died. We are not sure why, it happened rather quickly. I know she had started sounding snotty and congested and she was even going to her vet to get more meds for it the morning after she passed our house..and I am sure it wasn't pleasant for her.

One minute she was there and the next minute throwing up and I am quite sure gone, even though we rushed her to the emergency vet clinic. I have loved and cared for bulldogs a long time. I certainly understand all of the complications they deal with. Some are hardier than others and some you just look at and wonder how they get through the day.

Blanche had a rough life and she was not medically taken care of. When she was rescued and came to our house all of that changed and she got all of the care she needed and deserved. We only got to know and love her for 3 years. She was eight years old when she died. Over half of her life was spent spitting out puppies in a mill. Don't get me started. 

But our little gremlin had the best personality and she was friendly and as active as she could be. Of course she was a calendar girl and  she won a selfie contest (500.00) for her rescue! She was so beautiful that we certainly put her in loads of our photos. She filled a void after we lost Oscar and I was hoping she would be around for many years to come. But life goes on and even though I send random texts to my husband everyday about how much I miss her I know that for her sake I will be foolish enough to reach out to another bulldog in need.  What if nobody had chosen to help her. Rescue has become something I am passionate about, not just bulldogs of course, but any animal.

I have to say that the spaniels...well Max..seem to miss her. Who knew that I would end up having them longer. I guess they are meant to be with me a little while longer. My only wish would be my little Blanche Marie would be here too. I will love her absolutely forever.