Friday, October 4, 2013

New Family

It is always so sad to lose family members. In my experience losing the four-legged kind is just as heartbreaking as the two-legged.  We had one group of pets for a span of about 20 years.  They didn't join us at the same time, but for a long stretch, all four were with us.

They were and always will be the group that all other pets will forever be compared to.  The new ones will have incredibly big shoes to fill.  I can't imagine having to compete with Myrtle, my first.  She is the only one that I actually brought home and for that reason I will forever remember her as my best girl.  In my opinion, the Athens Black dog is the dog that everyone should be so lucky to get to know and share many years with, as we did her.

My second was an incredible birthday gift....Maybelline Isabella...Mabel.  For anyone who has ever owned a bassett hound, they will realize what a joy it is to spend time with such a stubborn, loving, at times conniving dog...they can definitely manage to get their way before you even realized you have given in.  I love hounds, but like all moms say about their kids, my hound was the best.

My second birthday surprise was Mildred.  I will never forget opening the car door on my BD morning and finding a small pig just looking up at me.  For 16 years she was probably the smartest thing in my household , including me.  It was wonderful to see just how "human" she really was. We had many long conversations, moments I will always treasure!

The last of the birthday surprises came in the form of an english bulldog.  Completely unexpected. I was screaming when I walked out to the car that night and there he was.  I should really stop going near cars on my Birthday! He was my first boy and we formed quite a bond. Through the many years of his Physical therapy..damn bulldog legs... and the games I forced him to play..gnaw... he remained such a good natured little man.  He is the face of Oscar Bites, those are his treats that are in those boxes!

I know that there will never be such a special time in our animal lives but it is time to move on. I didn't choose the ones we have now, maybe Blanche, but she was intended to be a buddy for Oscar.  I wish they could have met.  We have three dogs again.  I am not quite as smitten with this crew but they are sweet in their own way and needed a home, so we gave them one.  Here's hoping they are as fabulous as my first loves!

Our new family...Max, Mia and Blanche!

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