Monday, March 14, 2016

Yay for warm weather!

February in Santa Fe..who knew it could be so....warm! I was quite lucky to visit my adopted state in what has been considered one of their warmest winters in a bit!! No a snowflake in sight! Lots of walking around and enjoying the scenery. This trip I got to spend a little more time in Santa Fe thanks to a wonderful friend of Betsy's and Mark's (thanks Ray!) because it is usually really cold up on the top of their mountain and it is nice to be sure you have running water throughout the day.

We walked around town, ate my fave southwestern food, took a few pics and found a donut shop!

Whoo's Donuts In Santa Fe did not let me down. They had an excellent selection, some very well done classics as well as some exciting choices using such ingredients as lavender, pistachio, chili name a few. I generally have to get 2 or more and one of them has to be a chocolate donut. The above Dark Chocolate Crunch is to die for...they even use chocolate from their neighboring chocolate store. I highly recommend a trip to Whoo's, but get their fast this place does sell out.

It finally happened. A trip to Albuquerque for the Breaking Bad tour. So much fun. We cruised around for 3 hours in an RV, decorated on the inside to resemble the mobile meth lab. Not only did we see Breaking Bad locations, we got to see locations from other movies and tv shows that have been shot in and around the area. We got a breakfast burrito from Los Pollos Hermanos, got to pop in the Nail Salon used in Better Call Saul, cruised Jesse's house and ended up at the car wash.  the tour was run by a husband and wife team and they were very knowledgeable and most importantly fun! I even got 3 trivia questions right so I got to fly home with my little bags of blue rock candy!

Pretty good breakfast burrito at this place! Also know as Twisters, but you can see the sign inside.

Ended the tour at Walter White's house. Same owners for 40+ years! Welcomes the neighbors but the tour people are asked to stand in the street and snap a photo and not bother them..completely understandable!

Atticus and I like to take a stroll while Betsy works!

This is view from the back of the Rift Gallery, amazing!

Hello Las Vegas, New Mexico and the Plaza Hotel!

Headed to Santa Fe.

For this trip I flew into the Santa Fe airport and I have one word, so cute...maybe two words! I thought it was so neat to have such a small passenger lounge and one conveyor belt for your luggage. I watched a woman that worked there do about 3 different jobs in the span of about 45 minutes, she knew her stuff!

As always, plenty of stuff to do on my list for next year but until then..see ya New Mexico!!!!