Monday, June 22, 2015

Favorite Days

I of course love warm weather.  Even though the summers here in Georgia can get a little balmy for some tastes, I still love it.  I do however love anywhere ocean related, because as most people I know we grew up with summertime meaning beach time. Luckily many of the places I love to visit stay warm several months of the year so if there is water around you can usually enjoy it in some way. If not splashing around in it than just be chilling out beside it.  I do love the California coastline and I love the large "rookery" of sea lions on the California coast that we just happened upon on a trip to California a few years ago.

A great way to celebrate the Summer Solstice is to enjoy being outside and taking in all of the wonderful things nature has to offer......and a quick couple of hours spent in a cinema watching Jurassic World!  Happy summer!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


I just learned it was National Iced Tea Day!!! While I do enjoy a margarita or two, I would have to say my all time fave cocktail is the good ole sweet tea.  I can give up just about anything in life, but tea would be at the top of the list of most likely to be missed.  I can make a sublime sweet tea...but I don't. For the number 1 reason of if I made a pitcher at home I would drink the entire thing..I mean entire about two hours.

So, I have to resort to allowing myself one tea a day and after an extensive search I have decided that the McDonald's Sweet Tea is the best.  It hasn't always been.  Several years ago it was pretty bad. I was forced to pay quite a pretty penny for a Chik-Fil-A sweet tea.  Thankfully I can save the many dollars a month I was spending on their tea because McDonalds came back in a big way for half the price.  I would even pay the big bucks for it if I had to.  Here in Athens we only pay $1.07 for our large cup, an amount I ALWAYS have in the car!

While some may say that I consider the perfect ice tea to resemble brown sugar water, I disagree.  Sweet does not mean putting a couple of granules of sugar in a tea urn. Sweet means Sugar and that means you can taste it before you even swallow!  Now everyone run out and grab a tea!!!

Monday, June 8, 2015


What better way to spend a long weekend than traveling to Music City and checking out the sights.  We were only able to get a quick tour of areas but all in all got to see the sights and meet up with a few friends.

Strolling down one of the main touristy streets is a must for any city know you enjoy it and won't admit it.  We have to get our obligatory magnet and shot glass.  We can then venture off to the small areas where the hipper places tend to be.  My friend said that a portion of the town was considered the Brooklyn of the South... not in a bad way of course..but a definite hipster flair.

In my opinion you absolutely can't miss the Johnny Cash museum.  Only $16, $15 if you have Triple AAA.  It is small but worth it. It's packed with all kinds of interesting things from Mr. Cash's career and life!  Even clothes, handwritten lyrics and an MTV award!

Can't wait to go back and check out the other areas in town and maybe next time eat something besides tacos!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


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I like the idea of people checking out what we do at Oscar Bites!  We are always open to new ideas for travel and baking tips!!!

Monday, June 1, 2015

The Peanut Butter Cookie

Two weeks in a row I have baked peanut butter cookies to take to the market.  I sold all 10 bags this past weekend.  Of course, I completely understand that vendors get rather bored during those long market hours and will gladly eat a treat. I would and do.  This time I made them with dark brown sugar and they were still not very brown.  They tasted the same to me.  I cooked them for 1 minute longer..8 mins.. and they were a tad crunchy, but moist on the inside.  Won't be baking for this weekend, but will see how they go the weekend of the 14th.

Last week they stayed moist for 7 days.  Only started to be a tad crumbly on the 7th day but not in a bad way.  If I would stop eating all of the batter I might make a buck or two.