Wednesday, June 10, 2015


I just learned it was National Iced Tea Day!!! While I do enjoy a margarita or two, I would have to say my all time fave cocktail is the good ole sweet tea.  I can give up just about anything in life, but tea would be at the top of the list of most likely to be missed.  I can make a sublime sweet tea...but I don't. For the number 1 reason of if I made a pitcher at home I would drink the entire thing..I mean entire about two hours.

So, I have to resort to allowing myself one tea a day and after an extensive search I have decided that the McDonald's Sweet Tea is the best.  It hasn't always been.  Several years ago it was pretty bad. I was forced to pay quite a pretty penny for a Chik-Fil-A sweet tea.  Thankfully I can save the many dollars a month I was spending on their tea because McDonalds came back in a big way for half the price.  I would even pay the big bucks for it if I had to.  Here in Athens we only pay $1.07 for our large cup, an amount I ALWAYS have in the car!

While some may say that I consider the perfect ice tea to resemble brown sugar water, I disagree.  Sweet does not mean putting a couple of granules of sugar in a tea urn. Sweet means Sugar and that means you can taste it before you even swallow!  Now everyone run out and grab a tea!!!

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