Monday, June 8, 2015


What better way to spend a long weekend than traveling to Music City and checking out the sights.  We were only able to get a quick tour of areas but all in all got to see the sights and meet up with a few friends.

Strolling down one of the main touristy streets is a must for any city know you enjoy it and won't admit it.  We have to get our obligatory magnet and shot glass.  We can then venture off to the small areas where the hipper places tend to be.  My friend said that a portion of the town was considered the Brooklyn of the South... not in a bad way of course..but a definite hipster flair.

In my opinion you absolutely can't miss the Johnny Cash museum.  Only $16, $15 if you have Triple AAA.  It is small but worth it. It's packed with all kinds of interesting things from Mr. Cash's career and life!  Even clothes, handwritten lyrics and an MTV award!

Can't wait to go back and check out the other areas in town and maybe next time eat something besides tacos!

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