Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Enchanting Travels

New Mexico will forever by one of my favorite places. The absolute beauty is incredible. I could just sit around and stare at the landscape and the sky all day long. And for someone used to being in the South, the lack of humidity is delightful!!

Dropped off in Santa Fe at my normal spot!

One of my favorite places to eat in Santa Fe is Tomasita's on Guadalupe Street. Blue corn enchilada's with Christmas sauce!!

I always look forward to my daily walk with Atticus!

We decided to check out Meow Wolf. It is described as an Immersive Art Installation. Kinda like a big, loud, bright funhouse! Interesting to say the least.

Just couldn't resist these poppies!!!

We are determined to one day find the Fenn treasure..rumored to be somewhere out that way! Looks like as good a place to look as any!

Climbing up was surprising easier than going back down. But thanks to my good old Converse I made it without a scratch.

We spent a lot of time in the outdoors this trip. Cruising up the highway to Colorado was stunning.

Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado. 

We walked for what seemed forever, when in reality probably only about 30 minutes. The sand was too warm for Atticus so he went back down to splash in the stream. The box did not have such a great time. The wind almost took care of his future travel adventures!

My Converse didn't let me down. Just sitting there for about 10 minutes and already getting buried in the sand!

I love that you can see all of this sand and the mountains in the background.

The Sand Dunes are incredible!

When in Colorado you must check out the retail outlets.

Made a quick pit stop to check out the Jack Dempsey "Manassas Mauler" statue. This is what I love about road trips, all the little things that pop up along the way.

Love this twisty tree!

Closed out my trip with another visit to Whoo's Donuts in Santa Fe. I usually don't get fruit based donuts but this white chocolate peach filled donut was incredible!!

Until next time New Mexico!! Peace out!