Thursday, November 5, 2015

California Donut Tour 2015

Our stay in Venice Beach was as always fun..with never a dull moment.  From a semi-shooting and capture of a criminal right beside the cafe we were eating at to a boat that decided to come to shore right at the best beach spot to a hotel room with bad tv placement we loved every minute of it.

Some people may find bits of the neighborhood unsavory and maybe part of it is, but I used to live in Manhattan so I don't get fazed by much. The boardwalk is still a place tourists must see on a trip to LA and the beaches are great.

The Santa Monica Pier is such a festive place.  Not so big that you are overwhelmed but has plenty to do and see. Gotta love those delightfully tacky souvenir shops and the musical performances are truly great.

We found the best spot to check out the Hollywood sign.  Drove right up to a small road that took you right up close. There was even an Ice Cream Truck there so it was well worth the effort to find it.

Didn't make it for drinks at the Chateau this time around but definitely next time around!

Took a brief overnight trip down to San Diego and enjoyed some of the sights..and ate the best seafood pasta! The GasLamp Section of down is a time Balboa Park.

Waiting in line for the Late Late Show with James Corden.  If you can get tickets I highly recommend this.  He is well worth the 5.00 Diet Coke I bought on the CBSlot.  But the ticket was free so why not splurge.

And now time for the good stuff.  I do love donuts and apparently so does Southern California so put on your fat pants and start munching! 


                 Randy's Donuts! Cheap...incredibly tasty...and don't tell Iron Man, I was enjoying the donuts so much that I probably wouldn't have noticed if he even happened to be there and that says something!

Bob's Donuts at the LA Farmers Market.  How cute is that..I had two!

San Diego had Nomad Donuts!! Cutest little place and exceptional donuts!

California Donuts In LA...all I can say is incredible!!!

But on our way to the airport we had to put on even larger fat pants because you can't leave without a trip to In and Out Burger!

Farwell California! After I lose about 20 pounds I'll be back!