Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Tricks or Treats!

I am hoping that my treats don't fall under the trick category! I love Halloween and all things creepy and ghouly. My bestie and I try to go to haunted houses every year and the one we may make it to this year seems to good to be true.  I love it when the word "waiver" is mentioned on the website! Waiver means shrieking and squealing fun. 

Baking for the dogs that want to join in on the holiday festivities is also fun. It keeps me from eating all of the snacks around the house.  I mean I do eat my treats at times but let's face it...a cookie needs some good old sugar and butter to pass the people test!

I have shown a photo of our Pudgie Bats and here is a photo of Blanche being asked to help out around the kitchen! 

I think she prefers to just watch!

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