Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Love is in the Air!

It's February...almost..and it is the month for love. Actually everyday should be filled with love but we will focus on the exciting day in February that we are supposed to eat chocolate!! How can you not love that? And for all of the non-chocolate eaters, it is the day for you to chow on whatever yummy confection you want. I really enjoy ice cream and donuts! 

Luckily Oscar always loved a little bit of his own kind of chocolate so how could I say no to that face.  Being a dog, chocolate is a no-no so carob chips will have to do. I have tasted carob and was traumatized..ick..but Oscar never seemed to mind.

We have our own little cookies for our dogs and they are our Pudgie Balls. Yummy. Since it is the day of hearts we like for our treats to be all pretty.

There is one more thing that our resident princess Blanche loves almost as much as Pudgie Balls and that is lounging.
(see below)

Looks like she went on a treat tasting bender and this is the result!

Never to early to plan your pets Valentine's Day celebration, after all, they are your true love!!!

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