Thursday, July 23, 2015

Outdoor Girl

Blanche is not very adventuresome.  She definitely prefers to lounge around indoors with the air conditioner cranking and her favorite tv shows on. She does at time like to sit in a little patch of sun by one of our windows and one the rare occasion she likes to chill out in the backyard for about 30 minutes or so.  At least once a week we coax her out to the front or side yards and hope that she will snuffle around for a bit.  She normally does even though she is curious as to why we are making her do it!

I guess I feel that one and all should get to outside and enjoy the sun and sky for a little bit of each day.  She is slowly learning to appreciate the outside.  She will never want to lounge outside all day but she at times waddles over to the door when I am about to leave and follows me for a few steps.  After sniffing around and deciding everything is ok, she is ready to go back inside and grab her remote!

I will say that she shares my choice in favorite places to sit at my house and she seems to love the porch as much as I do.!

"Can I go in now"???

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