Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Summer Travels

Next weekend I will be embarking on my first summer trip.  The three of us are going to Nashville!  Haven't been in probably 30 years..yikes..so it will be like the first time.  I still remember having my photo made in front of the Ryman Theater.  I was also underaged at the time so my activities were limited, not to say that I would have only perused bars but I know there is a whole music scene that at times requires you to be able to get in the club.  Look forward to window shopping too, with a stress on the word window.  I am getting better at not buying a whole bunch of crap but sometimes those little overpriced trinkets have such a draw it is unbelievable.  Even to me, a professional cheap person.

Going to try the Sunday market again this Sunday.  I don't imagine it will be as great as last time but I will gladly take my 25.00 to spend in Nashville.

This past Saturday I debuted my peanut butter cookies for humans...even though my market buddy Joan said not to use the work human!  Pretty good response.  Need to make them a bit browner without making them too crispy.  They are still moist after 4 days.  I remember how long it took to get the perfect, at least in my mind, consistency and color for an Oscar Bite so I have learned a little bit of patience.

Happy Tuesday!

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