Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Miss B.

Blanche has graduated from a life of not so good, horrible in fact, to a life that is pretty cool! She has many favorite poses and they all seem to resemble.  Hogging the pillow is always a great activity that she excels at.

Blanche and Max do have a bond.  They torment each other and secretly like each other at the same time.  Max has one of the sweetest personalities in a dog I have ever met and Blanche.....kinda sorta! But sometimes at the end of the day she tolerates him and even shares her spot with him.

But there are those times when Bossy Blanche appears and Max just sucks it up and lets her have her favorite spot on the sofa.  If nothing else he is always the gentleman!  

Those are the times when I sneak Max the biggest dog treat from the tray because putting up with two crazy women in the house deserves a little something special!

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