Friday, May 8, 2015

Mothers Day

It's that time of year...trying to find a great gift to give my mom.  It's sometimes so hard to hit the right one and I end up getting her one of my go to gifts I know (or hope) she enjoys.  I have an idea about this year but just have to find the right one.

Now if I were going to give a gift to my fave mama dog, I know that our Pudgie Ball gift jars would

be the gift to give!! Mainly because I love to make Pudgie Balls and I love little jars.  I am sure the dogs aren't overly excited about the jar, but the Pudgie Balls are the best.

I used to get Mothers Day gifts from my herd of beasts but no so much anymore.  Guess someone hasn't bothered to take them shopping.  It's okay, I know they love me. After all, they do share their bed with me.  That has to be love...right

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