Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Southern Snow Day

  Now let me say that it didn't snow last night. It sleeted and rained and then iced over.  Down here we are not prepared for such and pull out all of the stops when we think so much as an inch of slush is going to be on the ground.  Not a bad way to be, especially since most of the driver's around here aren't prepared to get from point A to point B. I am certainly no better than anyone else at this.

I am not a friend of cold weather. I may love New York but not their winter.  I spent one there once and by their standards it was positively balmy and I felt like I was living in an arctic hell.

Snow is beautiful and if I didn't have to deal with the aftermath I would really enjoy it for a day or so. If I could be certain that my cable/power would not go out and the dogs would run out and pee without a fight I would be able to handle it.  It would be great if the limbs from those horrible pecan trees would not fall in the neighbors yard, or for that matter my yard.

For now I will try to enjoy not feeling guilty about not running out in the yard to garden and plant seed trays when I get off work. Daylight Savings Time is coming and I will be back to buzzing around like a frantic bee trying to bake and plant and get everything done in a day.

Until then I will be glad that this photo was not taken today, but last year and go home and scarf some popcorn until I force myself to grab the rolling pin.

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