Thursday, July 3, 2014

Pee Wee

Back in the day we had 3 dogs and that means we had to buy all of the monthly meds every two months.  I had gotten used to only buying heartgard for one in the last couple of years.  Well, that has changed...back to every two months....eye potions galore....  Even though this little beast doesn't take daily meds, when she needs attention, she goes big.  As in hundreds big.  But, what do you do.  My downfall will always be the four-legged friends I accumulate along the way.

Sad to say but when I dream of hitting the lottery, the first thing I think of is not the round the world tour I will take or the homes I will own, (those thoughts come in a close second), it is thank god I can afford regular grooming and eye drops!

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