Monday, May 19, 2014

Birthday in New Mexico

Pictures to follow.  We had the most fun, John saw the west for the first time and was in awe, as most people are.  We went to a casino, I only lost 16.85, and we bought Champagne at Walgreen's.  Who knew! Betsy turned 50 with incredible grace and style, as only she can and on our last day nemesis ...snow.... reared it's ugly head.  Out there it is much more tolerable and prettier.

Last night for family night, I made what is to be my first strawberry shortcake biscuit with freshly whipped cream.  They were edible but not sellable.  I know I am very critical about what I bake, but the biscuits were too dense in the middle, not light and fluffy.  That Cronut guy really has it going on!

Oh well, many more tries to come. Rome was not built in a day.  Neither were Oscar Bites.  If I can make a Blueberry Bite tasty and I do know this for a fact, I hope to make a biscuit the same way.

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