Thursday, February 16, 2012


I love to give gifts and if I had buckets of money, I would be shopping all of the time for those i love..and me of course!  It is a good feeling when you purchase something that you know a friend wants and just will not buy for themselves for some reason or another. I think Visa probably shares my joy, since they tend to make a little off of my shopping as well!  I recently bought a couple of concert tickets for my beloved, not Oscar, he's not fond of the band.  Now, offer him tickets to a George Michael show and he is front and center! 
Because I consider myself a "professional concert goer" I am never one to find fault with those who at times pay through the nose for a concert ticket.  I have lots of concert memories from years gone by and they are worth far more than the money i spent on the tickets.
I hope my pumpkin enjoys the show!!!

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